What are the shipping rates?


Delivery time of 1-3 working days.

Delivery in 2-5 working days depending on destination.
The customer will be responsible for possible customs charges.
The customer will receive an e-mail detailed customs charges for approval before shipping.


Coming Soon. If you want an international shipment please contact us at:

What if there is nobody to take delivery?

The courier company delivered Monday through Friday, unable to specify exact time.

He will try to deliver the package for 2 consecutive working days. If none of these occasions I found you, we will contact you to see the conditions of a new delivery.

Otherwise consiguiese not deliver the package, they returned to our office in Pamplona.

We recommend that you give us a direction it easy to locate you, like your workplace (provided you have permission to receive personal packages).

Can I make a shipment to an address different from mine?

Yes, at the time of payment will have the option of writing a direction different from yours shipping.

In case you want multiple different directions in a single purchase, please contact us by email: