What are the payment methods?

Credit Card or record it never will store your data on our server.

Wire transfer.

Pay pal.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Laura Sebastian, do not have access to your card details. Never store it or record it on our server.

Your details will only be used to complete your purchase, make a refund or warn and inform the police if they could be committing fraud Laura Sebastian.

What taxes takes my bill?

For EU countries, prices are VAT included.

For countries outside the European Union and the Canary Islands, the price is the same, but when receiving your order you will have to take care of the shipping costs and possible customs taxes. (you must contact the customs office of your country, if you refuse your order once received will have to take care of the original shipping, from back to our office, as well as any tax on order in customs).

Can I receive an invoice?

Once your purchase is authorized (Credit Card, Pay pal, bank transfer) will send you an email confirming the order and the products purchased. In case you need to bill you can apply at